Allegro Barbaro



Allegro Bárbaro is a modular exhibition made up of large format graphic works, visual animations, and an immersive 180º video. Non-conformist and desire in assembled excerpts of urban inspiration. An apparent disorder of contrasts built as personal graffiti. The animations show transitions between layers revealing the compositions’ constructive process and the deconstruction of street ready-mades that complete this contemporary display.


The 180º experience consists of a succession of moving images on a surface that surrounds the viewer in a semi-circle.

It’s necessary an enabled room or a U-shaped structure for immersion in this sensory experience. Rhythm, colors and sound stimulate the senses recreating a 3D effect



An installation adapted to the space with multiple expressive possibilities considering the reactions of the audience




The exhibition “Allegro Barbaro” in Etopia shows a multicolored audiovisual ocean inspired by the iconography arranged in the public space. Diving between the multiple layers of imagery that make up the exhibition, the urban landscape is seen from another perspective.

Starting from a sensitive aesthetic observation, the artist uses techniques such as collage, photomontage, or ready-made, which characterized the plastic production of the historical avant-gardes, using an updated working methodology. After participating in several artistic residencies, exhibitions and parallel investigations, Dies’s graphic compositions come to life through audiovisual techniques, making their own minimal elements, strokes and gestures, to transform into art the hidden symbols that remain trapped in the urban space.

A creative process in continuous evolution of subjective analysis of the passage of time. A visual composition of fragments taken from the ecosystem built as if it were an intimate puzzle.

María Blasco, Doctor of Arts and Humanities U.C.L.M


Hello! I try to communicate my perception of things based on such things as life experience, intuition, the subconscious.

It all begun when being a child I was attracted to the vinyls spinning on the turntable. There was always music playing at home! 

And what about the album covers? From the 70s until today, it would be possible to follow artistic trends simply by observing them. I had a good season as a DJ. The night is magical but it lasts. I started this trip in 2015 when I made my first exhibition with some urban art photographs.

First Basquiat and Banksy works later, gave me the confidence to persevere in this adventure. In 2017 I did a Visual Arts residency BARTR in Budapest, the origin of this exhibition, and after landing in Etopia, a number of visuals, one of them was selected for La Pantalla del Sol, at Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao.

Currently, I organize artistic activism workshops and coordinate a luminous street art group aimed at transforming small corners of the city.



The heart of the exhibition is the 180º video. The aim is to create an experience that wraps the viewer in a suggestive atmosphere, generating a subtle psychedelic effect that tends to connect with a deeper self, access to meditation, a kind of inner peace.

The formula, slow transitions to the beat of breathing and immersive music. Three projectors cover the largest possible surface. Minimal 3500 lumens per unity.

Next, a calibration is performed to map the projection space, design the final version, and loop program the content. Loudspeakers are essential to creating the desired trance in the visitors of the room.

The rest of the animations have a standard Full HD resolution and are presented through TV/LED screens. Since the hall of the Etopia building was diaphanous, a central wall was set up to serve as an area for workshops.

Thanks to Ernesto Sarasa, for technical development, to Oscar Baigés for graphic design, to Sergio de Trazacultura and to the Zaragoza’s Council Brigades for the setting up.


Digital design allows multiple sizes of printing and media with excellent results. From a minimum size of 50 cm2 to several meters it is possible to enjoy one of my creations in the space you choose.

Inkjet on Tecco, Hannemulle or Torchon paper of different endings and weights is the best option for its image quality and durability.

If you want large format, there is also a choice. In Etopia Exhibition I used vinyl of different opacities to get the most out of the colors. It is easy to install and can carry up to Anti UV treatment to be displayed outdoors.

On my website you will find limited edition signed prints. Thus you will have an original and almost unique work, which will contribute to its appreciation.



Art Guerilla. Through contemporary urban art, we will fully immerse ourselves in a communication plan so that in three sessions we implement an artistic activity on the street with our brand values.
Three Acts: Inspiration, creation, and execution to design a message that connects with our audience. Special attention is devoted to the slogan, its typography, and the image that will accompany it. Aimed at entrepreneurs and restless people with a project, idea, or brand who wants to spread it through the urban space. 10 hours in length.

Visual perception. Using current urban art as graphic support and the way graffiti writers express their feelings, a three-hour session serves as an instrument to communicate a state of mind, a vital moment in groups with special sensitivity to the verbal process.
People with autism, Down syndrome or simply lacking to connect with others are the benefited audience to experiment with this art so free and devoid of guidelines. Stickers, stencils, cutouts, anything goes in this act of personal revolution.

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